Who is Tom?

Smiley That's me, when I was 12 years old:

Thomas 12 years old

Well..., I guess I changed a bit till 28:

Thomas 28 years old

And now some personal history: I was born in Germany on the 1st of February 1969. We moved to Austria when I was very young. Thus I grew up in Zell am See (alternative homepage), a small tourist-city next to a beautiful lake in the Alps near Salzburg in Austria, Europe, where my parents own an apartment house named "Haus Sonnenschein". I had a great childhood. Zell am See has always been good fun - it is a town, which is perfect for doing all kinds of sport. It is very famous for skiing in winter and all kinds of watersport as well as alpine sports such as mountain biking in summer. Thus my favourite hobbies are skiing, mountain biking, tennis, windsurfing and travelling to foreign countries.

I was also always very interested in nature and science - "how things work". That's why I started to study physics in 1987 at the University of Vienna after I finished school. In my winter holidays I worked as a skiinstructor in Zell am See. In summer I used to be a lifeguard at the lake of Zell.

as skiinstructor

In Zell am See at the Schmittenhöhe with my skigroup (Did you find me?)
Click here for a
live panorama picture from the top of the Schmittenhöhe!

With this extra money I earned, I started to travel in summer around the south of Europe like Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Turkey. But the best adventure was my journey through Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica in summer 1993, where I learned some Spanish.

in Tikal, Guatemala

Sitting on a pyramid built by the Maya in Tikal, Guatemala

in Flores, Guatemala

In Flores (near Tikal), Guatemala

Despite of all this travelling I finally got my diploma in physics in June 1996. In August of the same year I started to work at a research project at the University of Vienna. This project deals with computer simulations by the use of molecular dynamics. In March 2000 I moved to Munich (Germany), where I am living right now.

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